Terms & Privacy Policy

Who we are

DrInstagram: Our website address is: https://drinstagram.com.

1) Having a legal age is mandatory for using our services, and if you are under the legal age, you do not have the right to use our services.

2) Any copying of our products will be prosecuted.

3) As a customer, you agree not to use the products provided in any illegal manner.

4) It is not possible to cancel, change or take back your purchased service in any way. no fee will be refunded.

5) Any drop in the increase of followers and likes and after delivery of the order is the responsibility of the buyer.

6) Do not place an order with us from other sites at the same time.

7) Do not privatize the page before or after and during the order, even for a few minutes, and be in public mode. If the order is not privatized or canceled, we are not responsible.

8) Dropping is not guaranteed at all and the speed of sending orders is related to the new restrictions of Instagram. Every follower who buys has a drop and it is not in our hands and we are not responsible for the drop.

9) When ordering, do not deactivate the page until the end of the order or do not change the name of the page, not even for a moment, and even if your account is lost and your order does not arrive, we are not responsible for it.

10) Before using Drinstagram’s services, it is necessary to observe the rules, and registering an order constitutes acceptance of all rules.

11) Laws are updated according to the conditions of social networks.

12) In case of non-compliance with any of the rules, the order will be suspended and destroyed and nothing will be done by us, so pay attention to the rules.

Attention: By ordering, you’re agreeing to our terms of service. Account privacy should be public.